Sunday 28 October 2012

Halloween Inchies!!!

My halloween Inchie card! I love making Inchies, they're really nice to look at and they're fun to make!


 For the graveyard, you draw in a tree and a headstone with black marker on yellow construction paper. Then paint the entire piece of paper with the wet paint brush until the black smears everywhere. It gives it a nice foggy effect.
 When the paper drys you can use a gel pen or pencil crayon to write "R.I.P" on the headstone.

 The vampire. Paint the background what ever colour you want. Then sprinkle salt on the inchie right after you paint it. Put another layer of paint on it and wait for it to dry. Make sure you put the first layer of paint on so the salt sticks!
 For the vampire part, cut a circle out of white paper. I painted on the hat and face but you can draw it on. The colours I used for the face of the vampire was white, a bit of black and a small amount of green. For the eyes I used two yellow beads and the mouth and nose I used a gel pen (but a sharpie will do). For the bow tie cut out a piece of yellow paper and put a drop of glitter or glitter glue in the middle.

 Next is the skull. For the background, get a pencil with  the eraser worn down flat and put it on the paper and twist so it crumples and keep doing that for the whole page. Don't be afraid to rip the paper, it adds a nice effect. Then you can paint the crumpled up paper.
 For the skull itself, cut the skull out of white paper. Put a drop of white and a dab of black on the paper and swirl the paint around. Then just add in the features.

 The pumpkin is just a wooden sticker. If you don't have that you can draw or paint a pumpkin instead.

Now for the ghost, Colour the background with a crayon then with a pastel draw and colour in the ghost. You can outline your ghost and it's features with a silver gel pen to make it stand out more.

For the candy inchie, you paint the background colour a light colour so you can paint over top of it. For the lollipop for extra colour you can add red glitter glue over the candy part. Just like the pumpkin if you don't have a wooden candy corn you can always draw or paint it in or just inclue the one painted candy corn.

Drawing the spider web is easy. Start with a really small star-like shape like the picture, and just keep adding the same shape outside the previous one. When you think it is big enough draw a line from the edge of the paper to the middle of the web through the points. Don't worry if it isn't perfect, spider's webs never are!

 The witch's hat and broom stick is just painted on. Make sure when you are painting in the hat that the hat's brim is a shade lighter then the hat itself.

Finally for the moon. To get the perfect circle, cut out a sticker and put it in the middle of the inchie. Then paint the black over the sticker. When the paint is dry you can peel the sticker off and you have a perfect circle! Paint the circle yellow and when that drys draw the bats in.

Don't forget to improvise if you don't have any of the materials I used!

Thanks :)