Monday 8 July 2013

Every Inchie Monday: A Story

I hope everyone had a great weekend! For the topic "story" I made a little book and glued it onto my square inch. For the cover I found a really small stamp and stamped on a bunch of flowers. Right away I thought of the title "One In A Million" so I coloured in one of the flowers.

 The "book" actually opens too, here is a picture of it opened. For the inside it's just scribbled lines. Come and see other interpretations of "a story" at Every Inchie Monday.
Have a good day!


  1. that is REALly clever. well done you.

  2. Great idea, a lovely little book.

  3. Love your book! I had the same idea of making a little book. Your title and art work are really great!

  4. That is such a lot of work in a tiny space. The stamp must be very small - I bet you thought you'd never have a use for it! Your inchie really is one in a million.

  5. very cool idea for your inchie. I love it. well done

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