Saturday 24 November 2012

Photo Journal

  Last weekend there was a submarine from the war being pulled to a museum through the canal in my city. It was a BIG deal because it looked like half the city came to watch.

    Just arriving at the canal and I thought I would take some pictures because it looked like we would be         
    waiting for a while.

    I got tired of waiting so I started to look for things to take pictures of. I thought these flowers were 

    It turned out the submarine was delayed so we decided to take a walk and I found this tree thing.

    The skyway.

    My dog, Ozzie looking at another dog.

    Everybody thought it was the submarine, but it turns out it was just a boring old boat.

    After two hours of waiting around it was finally here!!! And not as interesting as I thought it would be.
    I think the tugboat is more exciting than the submarine itself!

    And there it goes.......

  Thanks :)

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  1. What amazing photos you have taken. So wonderful to see all that was around you too. That ship was huge.